About Celoxica

Celoxica is a leading provider of hardware-accelerated production utilising FPGA-based architectures. Specialising in the advanced, electronic trading community since 2007, Celoxica trading solutions process very large volumes of market data and transactions, at a very high throughput, while delivering ultra-low latency and a reduced footprint in the data centre.

Key Features

  • Utlra-low-latency market data for main European and US equity, options, futures, fixed income and FX markets.
  • Embedded or distributed feed handlers work on single or multiple servers, respectively.
  • Accelerated market gateways that format and send orders in the native protocol format to one or multiple execution venues.
  • Pre-trade risk management supports multiple asset classes and is easily integrated with internal systems.
  • Pre-trade risk management completed with single-digit micro-second latency.