Stellar spreadMachine

About Stellar spreadMachine

The Stellar spreadMachine trading platform from Stellar Trading Systems is the ultimate cross-market cross-product spreading tool. It operates as a server-based system designed for deployment within exchange colocation facilities. This allows it to build upon the high-performance order-routing engine within the Stellar architecture and respond to market movement as swiftly as possible. The spreadMachine harnesses the power of its server hardware whilst leaving the trader's workstation free to focus on order entry and price display.

Key Features

  • Automatically works inter-market spreads, managing leg orders and balancing the spread as required. Real-time overview of order activity showing current working orders, executions, and spread completion status.
  • Fully integrated into the Stellar front end; simple to use and configure. Spreads are viewed in an identical manner to exchange listed products – in PriceView or dynamic ladder.
  • User-defined multi-leg strategies traded seamlessly alongside exchange listed products.
  • No limit to the number of spreads; complex trading strategies can be implemented.
  • Simple and intuitive spread definition process.
  • All of Stellar's powerful synthetic order types are compatible with the spreadMachine.
  • Spreads can be pulled or 'shattered' – cancelling the spread whilst preserving any orders currently in the market, retaining order book priority.

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