TT X_Trader® Pro

About TT X_Trader Pro

Developed for professional traders, TT X_Trader Pro from Trading Technologies is a feature-rich solution for accessing global derivatives markets. You’ll access all the features of TT’s X_Trader platform along with a host of advanced trading features.

Key Features

  • Autospreader® leg view, a grid-based selection view provides the ability to configure spreads.
  • Autotrader™ RTD linking, establish native RTD links directly within Autotrader for enhanced performance and scalability.
  • Develop custom add-on applications using X_Trader API.
  • Initiate orders from a desktop anywhere in the world to TT's server-side Strategy Engine execution engines.
  • Leverage proximity-based spreading capabilities of Autospreader Strategy Engine.
  • Access synthetic order types not available natively on exchanges through Synthetic Strategy Engine.
  • Automate strategies using Autotrader and link in values from Excel or X_STUDY®.
  • Develop and run custom API applications that extend X_Trader functionality.