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Soft Commodities

International influences are extensive in the soft commodities markets, such as coffee, sugar, orange juice and cocoa. So, staying on top of what’s happening requires the right mix of in-depth analysis, insightful guidance and effective execution services.

R.J. O’Brien specialises in providing commercial users and producers of these commodities with intelligent risk-management analysis and advice that create an unparalleled trading experience.

Soft Commodities

  • ICE Futures Europe - Cocoa, Coffee, White Sugar
  • ICE Futures US - Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Orange Juice, Sugar

Soft Commodities Market Insights

RJO produces proprietary and comprehensive daily and weekly softs market analysis and reports that highlight the following:

  • Trading strategies for softs that include risk parameters as well as reward potential
  • Intra-day analysis of fundamental and technical developments
  • Long-term, strategic view of supply, demand and inventory trends
  • Technical analysis and reports on open interest, volume and volatility

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