Electronic Trading Services

"Maximize efficiency and minimize risk when you place orders electronically with the ETS team at R.J. O’Brien. You’ll enjoy hybrid execution and clearing services in global derivatives through a single, relationship-focused team in London that bridges the gap between low-touch and high-touch brokerage."

Experience global electronic trading services combined with trading room expertise at R.J. O’Brien, a Chicago-based futures broker since 1914. Send orders directly from your trading system into our order-management architecture and benefit from a reduction in both operational risk and delays associated with reaching multiple broker destinations.

Execution and Clearing

The ETS Division at R.J. O’Brien is a system-agnostic service. You decide how you want to send your business, and we will work to facilitate those requirements through our relationships with global OMS/EMS providers as well as our FIX connectivity experience.

Benefit from transparency through technology as our electronic platform is fully integrated throughout the company, providing straight-through processing and seamless client service. Thus, errors associated with the human touch are minimized from the start. As an agency only brokerage, we are familiar with providing execution services on either a give-up or clearing basis.

  • System agnostic
  • Cross-asset global market access
  • Real-time trade fills and order updates
  • Automated trade allocations
  • Execution for give-up or clearing

Hybrid Services

Electronic Trading Through a Single, Relationship-Based Team Keeps Cogs Moving Smoothly.

electronic trading

Global Access and Information

Access every major global futures and options market through a single connection. No more juggling relationships with different desks for different market sectors. We provide front- to back-end integration for all your trading needs.

Relationships matter, and you can count on the ETS team to talk about the markets, discuss your strategy and work your orders. If you have a high-touch relationship with one of R.J. O’Brien’s specialty teams, we’ll coordinate in-house to provide exactly the services that are valuable to you, exactly as you need them.

Enjoy proprietary market commentary and analytics from our in-house market analysts. You’ll have access to exclusive daily commentary and analysis on all major markets including agriculture, financials and weather, available in text and audio.

  • Single-team contact
  • Front- to back-end integration
  • Coordination with current RJO relationships
  • Proprietary market analytics

Risk-Management Controls

R.J. O’Brien is proud of its unmatched history and reputation, particularly as it concerns the safety of our clients’ positions and funds. The firm’s capital is not leveraged, is invested strictly within regulatory guidelines, and is used only for the protection of our clients and our firm.

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