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Stellar Trader offers an integrated suite of applications, all designed from the ground up, delivering a rich, responsive and consistent interface. With the emphasis on speed the Stellar architecture places the workload of the trading system onto the servers, enabling the front end to focus solely on trader interaction. Stellar Trader responds instantly, even in the busiest market conditions.

Key Features

  • All standard trading screens, including grid view, price ladder, spread matrix and time and sales.
  • Powerful synthetic order types, including stops, icebergs, brackets, OCO's, and conditional orders. All synthetic order functionality is server based for maximum performance.
  • Stellar Charts is a fully integrated charting package. Powerful and simple to use, charting both exchange-listed contracts and user-defined synthetic spreads.
  • Multiple workspaces per trader for quick switching to alternate screen layouts.
  • Full account based pre and post trade limit checking.
  • Fast Excel integration using the Stellar RTD server.
  • Fully Customisable Front End reduces initial learning curve, minimising migration disruption
  • Dynamic Vertical Depth Display assists ultrafast order entry and intuitive visualisation of the market
  • Extensive range of keyboard shortcuts for fast trade entry and different trading functions can be assigned to each mouse button

Start trading and contact us: +44 (0)20 3300 4256 or

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