Orc Trader by Itiviti

Orc Trader by Itiviti is a highly sophisticated trading application for listed derivatives that is customisable and controls risk in real-time. In addition to built-in pricing and volatility models, Orc Trader provides pricing and volatility APIs to integrate with proprietary analytics.

Key Features

  • Trade any asset class on any exchange, globally.
  • Trade multiple markets from a single front-end with multi-currency risk and P&L analysis.
  • Direct Market Access to the major exchanges and black pools.
  • Single-click trading mode for instant order entry.
  • Feature-rich integration protocol for external access to export, import or stream data.
  • Pre-trade risk controls.
  • Monitor aggregated risk based on 100+ risk values.
  • Surveillance and compliance.
  • FIX infrastructure.
  • Pricing and volatility models suitable for trading listed derivatives on equity, fixed income, commodity, and FX.
  • Advanced volatility management capabilities.
  • Pricing model API for integrating proprietary models or extending built-in models.
  • Volatility model API allows creation of custom volatility models with full volatility management and risk support throughout the entire system.
  • Multi-currency portfolio analysis of P&L daily or since inception.
  • P&L attribution to risk values.
  • Perform scenario analysis using pre-defined or custom risk reports.
  • Risk sensitivities to volatility model parameters.

Orc Liquidator by Itiviti

Orc Liquidator by Itiviti is a highly sophisticated automated trading engine for derivatives. Trading firms and institutions can automate a wide variety of sophisticated advanced derivatives strategies across more than 150 global trading venues.

Key Features

  • Automated trader intelligence and workflow.
  • Combine automated and manual trading.
  • Optimised for latency and throughput.
  • End-to-end performance analysis utilities.
  • Single front-end for multiple trading engines.
  • Rich Java strategy API.
  • Two-way event-driven workflow.
  • Export, import or stream data via feature-rich integration protocols.


Ullink provides global, multi-asset trading technology and infrastructure for buy-side and sell-side market participants. Its universal low-latency connectivity across asset classes and messaging formats provides access via a single FIX connection to 1,500 counterparties and more than 90 trading venues. Choose from modular products or fully serviced solutions that can be deployed within existing infrastructure, part of a fully managed service, or through a hybrid model.

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box solutions for manual, algo-assisted and fully automated trading.
  • Drag-and-drop apps to personalise.
  • Built-in scripting language.
  • Keeps intellectual property protected and in-house.
  • Scalable for click trading, spread trading and market making.