About R.J. O’Brien

R.J. O’Brien & Associates, LLC is the oldest and largest independent futures brokerage and clearing firm with more than a century of experience serving traders in the derivative and equity markets. In the United Kingdom, R.J. O’Brien is a premier global independent broker. Because R.J. O’Brien acts in the capacity of an agent for futures trading, we are able to focus on our clients, our product offerings and our expertise.

As the markets and our client base have grown, so has our reputation for excellence. Indeed, we have grown by both product type and geography to serve a global clientele from every continent. Our offices are in the major financial centres in the world, including London, Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and Toronto.

Our longevity and success as a brokerage firm are the result of continually focusing on three guiding principles—independence, integrity and service.

  • Because our family of companies is privately held and majority owned by the O’Brien family since 1914, we don’t have to concern ourselves with meeting the short-term expectations of analysts or the markets. We are focused solely on meeting the needs of our clients.
  • Futures and options brokerage is our specialty and always has been our primary offering—not an add-on or afterthought—and our client relationships are paramount to everything we do. We also offer trading in equity CFDs and OTC-cleared commodities.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest levels of integrity, at all times and without exception. Acting as agent allows us to provide the best service possible to the clients.

Who you trade with matters—now, more than ever. R.J. O’Brien has stability, integrity, transparency, intellect and committed focus. It’s no wonder we are the logical choice for execution and clearing to more than 100,000 clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas, with customer assets totaling more than USD $4.5 billion across our operating entities.