Equity futures and options markets are some of the most liquid products on the planet. At R.J. O’Brien, you can trade key equity market indices the world over – from the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ-100 in the United States to popular, representative indices in Europe and Asia. Coverage of single-name equities is also via available via stock options or individual single-name CFDs. R.J. O’Brien can also handle dividend-risk hedging strategies.

Whether your goal is to hedge cash positions or establish a speculative market position, you will find solid execution, clearing and risk solutions at R.J. O’Brien.

Equity Futures and Options

  • CME Group – E-mini Dow, E-mini NASDAQ-100, E-mini S&P 500, Nikkei 225.
  • Eurex — Eurostoxx, Dax, SMI, Stoxx sector, dividend futures, single-stock options and futures
  • ICE Europe – FTSE 100, single-stock futures and options
  • Euronext – AEX, CAC 40, single-stock futures and options
  • IDEM, MEFF — Nasdaq indices and individual name stock options
  • ICE Futures US – MSCI Indices, Russell 1000, Russell 2000
  • CBOE and other US exchanges: VIX options, single-stock options

Equity Index Market Insights

RJO produces proprietary and comprehensive daily and weekly equity index market analysis and reports that highlight the following:

  • Market fundamentals to guide trading strategies for index futures
  • Intra-day analysis of fundamental and technical developments
  • Technical analysis and reports on open interest, volume and volatility