Financial spread betting is a tax-free alternative to conventional trading, enabling you to take advantage of rising or falling markets. Any trading position you open is considered a bet and therefore the profits are free from capital gains tax.*

Unlike conventional trading, spread betting is a leveraged product meaning you only need a small initial deposit to gain full exposure to an underlying asset’s movements. Due to the leveraged nature of spread betting it is important to manage the risk as adverse market movements can lead to losses that could exceed your initial deposit. Spread betting is available on equity CFDs as well as on futures indices, currency pairs, energies, bonds, ags and interest rates.

Key features:

  • Web-based electronic execution trading platform
  • Personal service from experienced brokers for phone brokerage
  • Take advantage of rising and falling markets
  • Trade with no stamp duty or Capital Gains Tax* to pay on profits

* Spread betting is exempt from UK stamp duty and UK Capital Gains Tax. However, tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. Please seek independent advice if necessary.

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