The human touch simply can’t be replicated by an electronic system, particularly when it comes to executing an important order that needs the insight of experience or the sourcing of liquidity with other market participants. Voice brokerage is at the heart of what we do, and we’ve been talking to our customers to execute their orders since 1914.

At R.J. O’Brien, our around-the-clock order execution desks are completely focused on getting the best fills possible given our clients’ objectives and, to always offer best execution. Our experience and expertise in the futures markets and OTC-cleared commodities shines when working complex orders in the market, or in options that require sourcing liquidity in the call-around market.


If you prefer, combine voice brokerage with electronically submitted orders in our hybrid Electronic Trading Solutions execution service. Learn more.


  • Non-conflicted, anonymous access
  • Order-execution desks worldwide
  • Complex orders welcome
  • Best fills, best execution