Satisfy your need to trade fixed income futures and options across the United States, Europe and the Middle East. The experienced fixed income team at R.J. O’Brien is at the ready to provide 24-hour world-class execution and trade ideas across multiple currencies and exchanges. In addition, our support extends beyond execution, market-making and bank liquidity services to include clearing and analytics. Our clients include bank dealer desks, bank investment areas, hedge funds, insurance companies, supranationals and sovereign wealth funds.

Fixed Income Futures

  • CME Group – Eurodollars, US. Treasuries, Fed Funds, Deliverable Swaps
  • Eris Exchange – Eris Standard and Eris Flex Swap Futures

Fixed Income Options

  • Eurex – Bond options, Bund, Bobl, Schatz and Euro OAT
  • CME Group – US. Treasuries, Eurodollars
  • ICE – Bond options (gilts), STIRS, Euribor and Sterling options

Fixed Income Market Insights

R.J. O’Brien brokers independently produce comprehensive daily interest rate futures and options market analysis and reports that highlight:

  • Market fundamentals to guide trading strategies for interest rate futures
  • Intra-day analysis of fundamental and technical developments
  • Technical analysis and reports on open interest, volume and volatility