Vela’s Metro

The Metro Trading Platform from Vela offers a complete solution for options pricing, execution, and risk management combined with best-of-breed API extensibility to support automated, algorithmic, and click trading strategies.

Key Features

  • Fully concurrent design and an in-process execution model that prioritises trading logic to achieve round trip times in microseconds
  • Flexibility of an in-house solution without the resource and infrastructure overhead
  • Custom RFQ tools for Eurex EnLight spread reception, negotiation and trading
  • MiFID II and MAR compliant with full exchange-driven change management
  • Full tablet functionality adopted by hundreds for pit trading
  • Specific features for energy trading include CSO and APO support, strip pricing, Ju-Zhong pricing model and BBO widget for aggregated market data and best execution across three venues
  • Smart volatility skew linking imperative for S&P index traders with almost daily expirations across different symbols and exchanges
  • Interest rate traders can manage volatility skews and portfolio risk across the entire yield curve

Vela’s DMA Platform

The DMA Platform from Vela is an award-winning, fully-managed and hosted order routing solution providing ultra-low latency market access while reducing cost of ownership and time-to-market.

Key Features

  • Built for speed to help achieve quality execution and superior fill ratios
  • Quick access to new markets as required with support for 40+ global listed derivatives venues via a single API
  • Pre-trade risk controls that comply with regulatory obligations as well as internal risk limits and portfolio goals
  • Meets the trading needs of buy-side firms and sell-side brokers
  • Deployed and available in major exchange co-location sites globally
  • Broker neutral and can be integrated with most trading screens and back-office solutions
  • Onboarded by 20+ brokers and clearing firms
  • Client-side APIs include FIX 4.4 and 5.0 and Vela API
  • Vela API is a multithreaded and asynchronous binary API designed for speed