As a full-service brokerage, R.J. O’Brien specializes in providing non-conflicted, anonymous access to markets across multiple assets, including futures and options, equity CFDs and OTC-cleared commodities.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of each of our clients with all aspects of our offering. To that end, we begin by operating on an agency-only model for futures so that we never are in a conflicting position with our clients. In addition, we offer full-service brokerage across execution, clearing and risk management services with teams who are empowered to make necessary decisions promptly.

Bespoke Service

Providing dedicated, high-touch support to our clients has been one of our company pillars since the beginning. Indeed, we make it a priority to get the answers you need, be it from our 24/6 voice support team, local managers or senior management.

The best place to start for any question about your account or our operations is our dedicated help desk. The help desk and technical support team are available during trading hours throughout the trading week. Contact us

Nowhere But Here

  • Bespoke client-focused solutions and services
  • Real-time risk management across all asset classes in trader-friendly terms
  • Tailored electronic execution and post-trade services
  • Direct access to risk managers
  • Prompt decisions by empowered local managers
  • Access to senior management