OTC-cleared commodities combine the complete customisation of OTC with the security of exchange clearing. R.J. O’Brien offers access to ags, energy, freight and metals products at the leading providers—CME Clearport, ICE, Asia Clear, LCH Clearnet and Nasdaq OMX.

In addition, you can manage risk and optimise your portfolio with structured products that use both exchange-traded futures and options as well as OTC-cleared commodities. Our experienced, dedicated team specialises in designing structured products to suit your specific requirements for risk management, arbitrage and portfolio optimisation.

Counterparties participating in this dynamic OTC-cleared market benefit from improved risk management as well as increased transparency and efficiency. Learn more about CME Clearport and the ICE Platform.

OTC-Cleared Execution Services

  • Access to an extensive liquidity pool that includes investment banks, macro and systematic hedge funds, industrial hedgers and consumers, and market-makers allowing minimal slippage when executing a complex package
  • Ability to execute entire strategies as one “number” – monthly, quarterly or yearly strips
  • Structuring bespoke hedging programs for clients based on individual yields and conversion factors
  • Cross-barrel liquidity on OTC-cleared products — Jet, Gasoil, Naphtha,Gasoline, Fuel Oil
  • Direct market access via a wide variety of ISVs and FIX connectivity

OTC-Cleared Products

All products listed below can be customized by volume and monthly tenor for both futures and options.

Agricultural Futures and OTC-Cleared

  • CME Group – Grain futures and options, Corn Calendar Swaps, Ethanol, Fertilizer

Energy Futures and OTC-Cleared

  • CME Group – WTI Crude, Natural Gas and basis, NGL’s (propane, natural gasoline, cracks), Brent Crude, Brent options, Gasoil, Fuel Oil, RBOB, Heating Oil and basis (USG vs NYH, Group3 vs NYH, etc), options (physical, financial, average price)
  • ICE Futures Europe – Brent Crude, WTI Crude, Natural Gas and basis, Brent Crude, Brent options, Gasoil, Fuel Oil
  • SGXAsiaClear – Fuel Oil, Gasoil
  • Nasdaq OMX – Energy complex

Metals and OTC-Cleared

  • London Metal Exchange (Futures and Options) – Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Tin, Zinc
  • CME Group (Futures and Options) – Copper, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver

OTC-Cleared Product Insights

  • RJO produces proprietary and comprehensive daily and weekly market analysis and reports that highlight the following:
    • Market fundamentals to guide trading strategies
    • Intra-day analysis of fundamental and technical developments
    • Technical analysis and reports on open interest, volume and volatility
    • Special reports