Automated hedging of agricultural products comes to grain merchandising with AutoHedge from R.J. O’Brien. Conceived and developed internally by the R.J. O’Brien Commercial Ag team, AutoHedge automates what has historically been a human process, and also improves communication, accountability and hedging precision for large grain elevator companies and cooperatives. And, although AutoHedge is built to tie in with your R.J. O’Brien futures hedging account, you are also free to take its results and work with another of the several brokers with whom you might have a relationship.

AutoHedge Clients:

  • Grain Elevators & Cooperatives
  • Commercial Producers
  • Commercial Ag Operations

AutoHedge allows commercial grain operations to easily centralize information and decision-making stemming from cash grain merchandising activities across many locations. With AutoHedge, you can update cash basis offers at all your locations simultaneously. Plus, you can monitor system-wide cash purchases and sales, automatically converting the running total to a futures hedging order.

Automated Cash/Hedging Integration

  • Manage enterprise risk in real-time
  • Monitor, adjust cash basis system-wide from home office
  • Automatically convert cash grain purchases to futures hedging orders
  • Integrate with internal accounting systems
  • Pricing independent of futures brokerage